What is referred to in the West as (Japanese) manga is a type of comic (manga) called “story manga” in Japan. Manga is almost similar to a draft storyboard used for actual film production. Story manga sync the panel and dialogue placements and size with the viewing speed and movement of the reader’s eyes. This allows readers to view rather than read comics to digest the story.

Some details for those that have not detected The Gamer. Its author is Sung Sang-Young. Sang-Ah is an artist. The series was initially printed on five Sep 2013, and as of Nov 2019, it’s still going well. Fantasy Dungeons do not even closely influence the Gamer & Dragons, RPGs, and comic fantasy book series Discworld, however, set in a modern Asian nation.

Once the main lead of the story, Han Jihan, notices a dialogue frame in front of him like in a video game, he acknowledges that he has finally become a game character, and supernatural events start taking place. It’s a story concerning an adventurous journey of life turned into a game.

The idea of weak characters turning into savage ones by the end of the story is heroic and extraordinary. The story is pretty good, and all the efforts and achievements can be seen clearly.

The story will raise so many questions in your mind, like what if life was a game. What if you enter a hidden world? The entire storyline and influential characters will keep you hooked till the end.


Han Ji-Han was like every typical high school student who developed this unique ability to treat his surroundings as a game known as ‘The Gamer.’ He noticed that he might increase his stats and improve his body and mind by leveling up, among other alternative things. A day after realizing that he could also increase his stats with the help of training, he unknowingly slipped into a combat area for those individuals who happened to have access to a link that opens a hidden world of their own, an abyss. 

The Gamer Manhwa


  • Author:- Sung San-Young
  • Genre:- Action, adventure, fantasy
  • Release year:- 5 Sep 2013
  • Episode:- 378-Ongoing

He witnessed a battle between Kwon Si-Yeon and Hwan Seong-Gon, who are also involved in this secret world. He met Kwon Si-Yeon, who questioned him on his identity.

Han Ji-Han began to appreciate that he was required to coach to make sure that he’d be safe just in case he gets into a fight once more. Thus the trains his fighting capability with blunt objects (he takes help from a baseball bat). While heading to his home, he accidentally slips into another combat zone, fighting his manner through zombies that he later finds out were accumulated souls that Hwan Seong-Gon was assembling. After all this, he realizes that he needs to talk to his friend, Shin Seon-Il. Ji-Han thinks that Seon-Il was already a part of this world because he was at in a much higher level than everyone around him, and he is correct about Seon-Il being a part of the world as Seon-Il threatens him, as he no idea that Ji-Han has become a part of this hidden world.

The story goes on, with Han dynasty Ji-Han deciding to remain within the world of the abyss, golf shot him in several dangerous things as he grew stronger to shield himself and people around him.

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The story has many major and minor characters, and they go perfectly in sync with the storyline. Following are the five central characters of “The Gamer”-

1-Han Ji-han

Han Ji-han acquires the ‘Gamer ability.’ He loves gaming, and this ability permits him to evolve within the same manner the most character(s) in a video game RPG would, i.e., with levels. However, he discovers a new world (The Abyss) that everyday individuals are not aware of. The abyss is threateningly inauspicious and alarming.

2-Shin Seon-Il

Shin Seon-Il is Han dynasty Ji-Han’s childhood friend and attends a similar high school as him. He’s the very first one to find out about Ji-Han’s new ‘Gamer ability’ and introduces

Ji-Han to the Chunbumoon kin. In terms of ‘levels,’ Sun-ll was primarily a little more powerful than Ji-Han.

3-Kwon Si-Yeon

Kwon Si-Yeon is a female, regular high school student who transferred into second-year class eight. She is additionally a capable user and hails from the Yeonho Moon clan, the clan that usually opposes, however, is presently allied with Cheonbonmoon.

4-Hwan Seong-A

Hwan Seong-A Hwan Seong-Gon’s daughter and a female High school going student and a transferred student at Ji-Han’s high school a while after si-yeon’s transfer. She becomes very close to Ji-Han. She tries to cure her of a strange sickness with the assistance of his new learned healing ability.

5-Yujin Kim

Yujin Kim is initially introduced as the Han dynasty Ji-Han’s category, like any other average human female. After being sucked into the excellent Labyrinth Era (A Protected

Space), she is helped by Ji-Han and learns about the abyss. Through exposure to the Han dynasty Ji-Han’s ability, she gains an affinity for magic and eventually develops her skills as a magic-user.

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